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As we see our once familiar world burning, flooding, drying and melting, small flower farmers like myself help to fight climate change. I am integrating regenerative agricultural practices into flower farming to help build soils and soil quality with minimal inputs and maximum outputs. Regenerative agriculture is a way of farming to build and improve soil fertility whilst sequestering and storing atmospheric CO2, increasing farm diversity and improving water and energy management.


I have listed  below the books that have inspired me along my experimentalist journey as a regenerative Flower Farmer.

My  blog post also will share with you the books, podcasts, people and practices that have inspired me on my own  regenerative journey.




Flower Farming  

The Cut Flower Source Book

Rachel Siegfried

Cool Flowers

Lisa Mason Zeigler

Regenerative Agricuture, soil, books, restorative agriculture

Regenerative Agriculture

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Fragrant Delights

The Scented Room

Barbara Milo Ohrbach

Fragrance and Flavour

Rosemary Hemphill


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