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My Story

Hello, My name is Robyn Kaczmarek, and I with my partner Matt are fortunate to be the current stewards of this wonderful country in the Southern Tablelands NSW.

Our farm is located in Charley's Forest near the Budawang Ranges ( 25 km from  Braidwood, NSW). We acknowledge our land lies on the traditional lands of the Walbanga people, and we are committed to caring for the land by growing the most delicate flowers, herbs and foliage using regenerative and sustainable farming practices. 

We purchased the property at the end of 2021, and have been busy increasing biodiversity to the land with fruit trees, flowering and fruiting shrubs which include both native and exotic perennials.  We farm on only 10 acres, most of this is given to our two horses - Brian and Bunji and the LLamas Bobo and Cooc. They are the real farmworkers as they supply all the manure  needed to improve our soil and keep in healthy.

Our cool climate is well-suited for growing cut flowers. I specialise in scented flowers and perennials which I sell fresh and dried. I also harvest the flowers and leaves to make a range of scented products for the home. I have called this collection Petal Therapy.

My initial career began as a Naturopath, massage therapist and aromatherapist in a busy clinic in Mosman, Sydney.  I left the practice when I had my children, but continued to use my knowledge for my own family's health and well-being. Once my children started school, the caring profession extended into aged care and disability. As the founder of  Australisas first worker owned co-operative  The Cooperative Life.


After 10 years in aged care and disability it was time to turn return to my first passion of flowers, herbs and essentials oils. As a great believer in experimentation I took on regenerative farming with gusto. My "trial and try again" attitude has been very useful as I work on the farm to grow and harvest the most beautifully scented and coloured  trees, flowers and herbs.

I am also creating a therapeutic garden that is designed to provide a sense of wellness. The garden will be filled with scented plants, herbs and flowers to help create a peaceful, calming atmosphere. I believe that nature is a powerful source of healing and that with the right environment, it can help to reduce stress and anxiety. It is a space to allow you to pause for a while, observe, and respond  to the peaceful, rejuvenated feeling  which comes from being in a garden.

The Farm

The Flowers

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