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Zinnias are part of the sunflower tribe (Heliantheae) within the aster or daisy family .

These bunches come randomly mixed in color, with stems averaging around 15-30 cm ...but some in the bunch will be shorter. The blooms themselves dry to about 15cm in diameter, give or take.

Available colours red, pink, purple

Each bunch has 20 stems, with a single flower on each stem.
I assort the bunches with different colours and sizes.

I do not use any preservatives or dyes, so my bunches may have a more primitive or natural look than ones you may have bought commercially.
I like to say that my bunches are about a handful.

The photographs show a typical bunch(es) and may not be the actual bunch you will receive.

The last photo shows the flowers in the garden.


Zinnia, naturally dried

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